Foodin – Sharing Happiness with VDC Volleyball Academy

The story of Maria and Lasse from Foodin is amazing! When founder, Lasse Jalkanen, became interested in the possibilities offered by food to improve his well-being, and therefore set out to travel to the origins of natural ingredients. On his first trip to farmers in the Brazilian Amazon, Lasse revealed how much impact the food business also has on the well-being of people and the environment.

He decided to support farmers who work hard and with a big heart, and to bring to Finland products that he himself would have liked to find on store shelves. Since then, Foodin operations and product range have expanded enormously, and Foodin is constantly striving to increase the share of domestic products in its selections. Foodin draw inspiration from both domestic fields and lush rainforests. Foodin´s mission is that good food and products must do good for the customer, the environment and especially to the farmers.

You can read the whole story from website of Foodin in Finnish.

VDC might have a slight similar story to that. After many volleyball travels around the world, VDC would like to share happiness and give back by inspiring young athletes and coaches with new ideas within Finland and all over the world. 

Today Foodin and VDC get to share happiness together.

Many of our young athletes get challenged with choosing a great snack. We suggest quality and natural products. Foodin is a great match to give us the energy needed for the training and during tournaments. There is nothing better than homemade, isn´t it? A healthy lifestyle is a big priority in the growth of our athletes. 

Thank you, Maria and Lasse, and all Foodin family,


VDC Volleyball Academy

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