Virginie De Carne, born 26.05.1977 Roeselare, Belgium 


Knowledge and special skills

- I get along very well with different kind of people and working with people is pleasant for me. As an employee I am flexible, hardworking and I consider other persons. I like to have new challenges and I learn easily and fast new things.


- I graduated from upper secondary school in 1996, physical education and sports.
- I started university at Heverlee, Belgium to become teacher in sports. I did my studies 
one and a half year. I decided to stop my studies because I choose to become a professional volleyball player having my first contract in Italy.

Work experience

- As a professional volleyball player I have travelled in different countries and have played in the highest levels in Europe. I have worked with different nationalities and my responsibilities were very high in the clubs I played. I had the privilege to work with the best coaches in Europe and the world. Still today i share friendship and mentorship through them.

1995-1996: VDK Gent Belgium

1996-1998: Asterix Kieldrecht Belgium: gold Belgian Championship, gold Belgium Cup and Best Player of Belgium

1998-1999: Omnitel Modena Italy A1

1999-2001: Agil Volley Trecate Italy A2: gold Italian Championship A2, gold Cup of Italy

2001-2002: Starfin Ravenna A1

2002-2005: Asystel Volley Novara A1: -2003: gold Supercup Italy A1, gold CEV Cup and best server Vice Champion Italy A1

2004: gold Cup of Italy A1, Vice Champion Italy A1, Vice European Champion (CEV Champions League) and best server of Europe

2005-2006: Spar Tenerife Marichal Spain: gold Super cup Spain, gold Coppa Della Reina, gold Spanish Championship and best player in Spain

2006-2007: VBC Volero Zurich Switzerland: gold Super cup Suisse, gold Cup of Suisse, gold Suisse championship and best player of Switzerland, Top scorer European Champions League (CEV)Final Four

2007-2009: Spartak Omsk Russia

2009-2011: Lp Viesti Salo: 2x gold Cup of Finland, 2x gold Finnish Championship and best player in Finland

- I participated in National Team of Belgium since 1994. I played European Championships 2009 with the National Team. The last year as a player for the team I helped the young players to grow as professionals and nowadays they are doing great. Half of the team plays in professional clubs now.
I shared my knowledge as a player coaching in sport camps in Italy and Belgium; I have been a speaker in sport schools.

- One of my dreams has been to have an own coffee place and in October 2011 we started to run an own business Helsinki with my partner. We started all from the beginning and found out all what we need to do to have a coffee place. It was not easy as neither of us as i hadn’t been an entrepreneur before. Our coffee place had twelve places and our brand was based on Belgian products. It was only the two of us working there and we baked, served, cooked, washed the dishes etc. Unfortunately the location of our business was not very good and we didn’t’ t have en enough customers but lots of costs and that’s why we decided to close the business in September 2012. After closing the business I was called from a team in Italy to play still a season of volleyball and help them get into the highest league.

-2012-2013: Igor Volley Novara: gold Championship Italy A2

-2013-2016: Salo Viesti Volleyball Club Finland, i got the job as youth coordinator and coach for all ages 7 till 20. I also got experiences with the national team of Finland with the youth teams.

-2016-2017: Head coach Lp Kangasala first league Finland. 3 players went abroad the next season in best clubs in Europe.

-2017-2018: I founded VDC Volleyball Academy where i coach and train volleyball players and coaches. The service works internationally. Exploring the opportunities what comes on the path. VDC Volleyball Academy is having camps and opportunities all over Europe.
2017-2018 I collaborate with Finnish Olympic Committee giving development camps for volleyball and teach young athletes how to live like an athlete.

In 2015 I was Director of the CEV European Championships in Belgium and The Netherlands.

Language skills

- Dutch, mother tongue
- French, sufficient, second language in Belgium
- English, very good
- Italian, very good
- Spanish, good
- German, the basics
- Russian, the basics, I can't help myself
- Finnish, very little but willing to learn better, in Finland I communicate mostly in English.


- I like to read also in different languages.
- I love to be in the nature and outdoors, making walks.