VDC Academy

VDC has been up and running for about 3 years now. During these years VDC has build up an unique experience within different volleyball courts. VDC inspires athletes to believe in their dreams, motivates coaches to find their paths, collaborates with teams to create new tools. VDC also brings in teamwork and athlete mindset into the business world.

The key elements of the VDC Coaching Philosophy


We light up the spark and ignite the fire within young players by coaching them as individuals and understanding what drives them and makes them bloom. Motivation is the fundamental element of athletic success but not only that: it is in the core of enjoyable life.


Being committed to do what it takes to reach your goals - day in and day out - takes mental endurance, strong self-esteem and a lot of support. Once again, in VDC philosophy a strong athlete is a strong human being.

Goal setting

Ambitious, even frightening goals are important if you want to reach the next level. Young athletes need high-quality and eye-opening coaching while they explore and experience that the only limits are in your mind.


VDC Coaching Model uses imagery and imagination to teach the youth to read the game and tweak the game! Instead of solely performing technical movements, the young athletes hop on an exciting mind game adventure while playing!

Coping under pressure

Young players come with a certain genetic ability to deal with pressure but this skill is like a muscle that you can train. VDC Coaching Model puts players under pressure in a safe and accepting atmosphere to help them grow stronger, inside and out.

Social skills

There is no skill more important than being able to deal with different types of people. And not only that: succeeding with anyone! Team sports is the perfect arena for learning the basics of human interaction and the core values of responsible living.

Healthy competitiveness

Growth mindset sits in the core of VDC philosophy. Competition is good because it takes us further and makes us grow. You cannot stay where you are when you are in the middle of competition and this is what VDC Coaching wants: growth and development - and joy while doing it.

Working on weaknesses

The best athletes in the world know their strenghts and relentlessly work on them. But they also recognise what the weak spots are and put an equal emphasis on fixing them. A strong player is versatile and skilled all over the court.


Absolutely everything we do in VDC Coaching is based on building up the athletes on their own terms. We use humour, jokes, laughs - and sometimes the tough love - to help these beautiful young individuals flourish and enjoy the game to the fullest.